Saturday, July 11, 2009

Micromaniac 微狂 Micro マニア

Well, this is my very first tryout on marine micro shooting. It is hard to capture the fish due to their active movement and also dim light. Pictures are taken inside Aquaria KLCC where camera flash light is prohibited. Feel free to pay a visit there with RM28 admission fee.

那么,这是我第一个试用对海洋微射击。 很难捕捉鱼由于他们的积极运动,也暗淡的灯光。 图片都是在世界klcc凡相机闪光灯是禁止的。 觉得自由访问,RM28起入场费。

まあ、これは海兵隊員 micro 射撃で私の最初の試しそのものです。 (彼・それ)らのアクティブな動きと同じく薄暗い明かりのために魚を捕えることは難しいです。 写真はカメラフラッシュ光が禁止される Aquaria KLCC の中にだまされます。 RM28 入場料でそこ(に・で)訪問をすることを遠慮なくしてください。


  1. hehehe really hard to keep searching for the rite setting in dimm light kan?

  2. yo.. Did you go to bcf? Kinda interesting if you took pictures there. But alot of movements also. HAHA

  3. ChRomoNov : solutions are here,
    1. Lense with larger aperture
    2. Camera with more focus points
    3. Lots of practice.

    Aaron: Sorry, What bcf means?

  4. T.Q. Peter fr viewing n comment.Being 1st timer on yr wedding expo n fish macro pics,u r very good already,so just keep shooting! frm fendertong.

  5. Hi peter, just want to say that I love those pictures of fish, even that u say it was taken in dim light, but it's just nice, for me its very good shoot, keep sharing ya! Coz I just love the nature and their beauty...

  6. t.p.tong: Thanks,keep shooting is the only way to improve photography skill.

    najwa: thanks for your support and comments