Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Place Like No Other

Recently joined my friend to Batang Ai Longhouse Resort to admire the beauty of nature. Batang Ai is a hydroelectric water dam in Sarawak which has been privatized and fully managed by Hilton. Visitors could enjoy various kind of activities such as fishing, boating, swimming, jungle trekking, sports and so on. For any enquiry, You can refer to

Scenic view along the highway.

View from top of Batang Ai Dam.

Batang Ai Market Jetty

Jetty is directing my view.

Long boats by the lake bank.

Some villagers are fishing.

Long boat is a main transport in Batang Ai.

When men's creation meets the creation of God.

Passenger boat.

Batang Ai Hilton Resort floating jetty.


View from on top of hill while jungle trekking.

Tree under a dim light.

Not recommended for height firght.

Pedestrian path.

Longhouse resort.

Swimming pool.

Sunset and the kid.

Batang Ai Jetty in sunset.

Playing snoker during free time.


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