Friday, February 4, 2011

UM 9th College Pesta Ang Pau 2011

A charming girls in Chinese traditional costume.

Visitors are viewing the souvenirs.

A decors made by red "Ang Pau" a.k.a red packet for pocket money.

Performances of the night.

Gong Xi Fa Cai = Wishing you good fortune
Masters of ceremony.

The President of Pesta Ang Pau 2011.

The VIPs are waiting for the show.

A welcoming speech by Ms. President
Opening ceremony by VIPs.

A token of appreciation from Ms. President.

The camcorder is recording the precious moment.

A welcoming dance for audience

A dance performed by boys.

And also the girls.....

Whose turn to hit the table?

Is always good to have some humor.

"Gu zheng" a.k.a Chinese violin performer.

"Di Zi" a.k.a Chinese flute performer.

The Pianist.

Break dancers.

Singer of the night.

Playing with "Diabolo" a.k.a Chinese Yo-Yo.

An acrobatic shows by "Hercules"

Ms. President is very pleased with the ceremony.

Happy Ending.