Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Hour at Lanang Bridge

This is my first experience having photo shooting at the top of Lanang Bridge. For your information, Lanang Bridge serves as a major connector between Central Districts (Sibu, Kanowit, Mukah, Durin etc...) & Southern Districts (Sarikei, Sri Aman, Serian, Kuching etc...). The construction start off somewhere in 2004 & completed in 2006. The bridge itself not only serve the needs of people both in town & outskirt but also boost up economy growth. Before this, people used ferries to get across the Rejang River. My Grandma & Grandpa would be happy enough if only they are still alive to witness the bridge after long proposal by local people since 30 years back.


  1. Louis said the clouds in sibu is different from kl.. really ya.. I love your 2nd last shot man!

  2. Haha... it's true. Pay a visit to Sibu then.