Friday, May 15, 2009

Red Tail Giant Gourami

It has been a long time that I am away from home. Without realize that time is passing so fast & my pet "above" is growing rapidly into his adulthood. Its nice to see my pet growing & become more beautiful each time I return home. Anyway, thanks to my family for taking care of him. haha...


  1. haha.. i was just rambling that day bout how big my hamster has grown too.. i think we've grown big, they've grown old.. hahaha ^^

  2. he is GORGEOUS!!! i used to have 3 which i bought at a local fish store as gouramis- that was it, no specifics just gouramis. 2 lilac-grey & i white. they all were around 3 inches. little did i know what i was in for.i went from 33gal to 55, to 75, to 120 and finally maxed out at 150. i loved these fish but couldn't keep them because i lived in an old old house and the tenant in the bottom floor suite got very upset because the paint on his ceiling was flaking off and the ceiling was showing cracks from my floor flexing under so much weight in one spot. i guess i would have been concerned too under those circumstances. but in the end it was just as well because although they seemed very happy and very aware of me(they would get very excited when i came home after work and open their mouths and swim excitedly against the glass towards me wherever i happened to be in the room and then i would feed them bananas or strawberries by hand about an inch or so above the surface and they would take turns bobbing their heads out and taking the fruit from my fingers) i would watch them and always feel guilty for not being able to give them enough space. in the end i donated them to a public aquarium where they ended up in something like a 900 gallon tank with more of their own kind and i know they're being well cared for. i'd get them again in a snap but only if i had a large pond, they're real characters for sure. but yours is exquisite- nicest i have ever seen. hope you have a very big tank for him. thanks