Friday, December 4, 2009

Visiting 3rd Battalion PRD Sibu with Boys' Brigade in Malaysia

Together with 4th Sibu Boys' Brigade, I have an opportunity to revisit 3rd Battalion PRD. Thanks to Lt. Chong for allowing me to join such a wonderful and memorable visiting. It is a HOT sunny day where sweating is unbearable. From the visiting, I have gain some knowledge on life as a soldier and some understanding on their daily routine. Besides that, visitors are exposed to jungle survival knowledge where we are briefed on certain plants which can be eaten and also how to set up trap to trap down little animals such as chicken, lizard, deer and wild boar. Overall, the most interesting part is demonstration on how to make fire using stone and dried grass. After some light refreshment, we all have chance to watch the band performance and I would say it is marvellous!. Lastly, visitors are given chance to take a closer look on military weapons especially rifle guns which kids love most.

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