Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Boys' Brigade Founder's Day 2010

Band boys are ready for the opening ceremony early in the morning.

BB members gathered in group, anticipating for the event.

An opening speech by Brigade President, Mr. Michael Moorthy.

BB members young and old reaffirm their believes and principle.

Aerobic session with one of the instructor.

Young children loves movement and music.

Older boys feel a bit shy to follow the aerobic movement.

They are trying their best to dance.

Free Milo drinks are provided for BB members.

It's important to have breakfast in the morning.

Everyone is paying attention to Health Talk

It's lunch time and this boy is listening to the instructions while having his lunch.

This young child enjoys each mouthful of his lunch as well.

Some of them are wearing uniform preparing for the ceremony

Playing with rocks is the best way to kill time.

Girl members busy showing their latest mobile phones.

Girls nowadays can be as active as boys.

A final touch to perfect her uniform.

BB members are waiting for command under hot sunny day.

Staff - Sergeant is watching over members misbehavior and attitude.

Sergeant in-charge is forming the Guard of Honor

Everyone take it seriously and no mistake can be tolerated.

Girls without exception join the Guard of Honor as well.

Everyone is checking their lines.

Some of them adjusting themselves to make sure they are in the straight lines.

A final check by the officer in-charge

A grand and powerful Guard of Honor is formed .

Everyone is waiting for the arrival of Guest of Honor.

Officer is guarding the Colour Flag under the hot sun.

Waiting and waiting, Paying attention to the max to avoid any wrong movements.

Badges shines brightly under the sun.

Finally, the Guest of Honor, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok has arrived.

Without any further delay, the Guest of Honor check the Guard of Honor.

Honorable Salute is given by Tan Sri to the members in-charge followed by the band performance.

The band instructor is directing the band performance for its majestic music.

Members on the field enjoy the music in attention position.

The officer is distracted by camera shutter click.

Founder's Day celebration went successfully and smoothly.

This boy feel disturbed while I'm taking his picture.


  1. peter, ur pictures are really awesome...

  2. these are wonderful captures. love the vibrant and bold colours. great job.

  3. I take photographs for London Stedfast Association "Onlooker".....these were brilliant...congratulations.....

  4. I think every one had a very good day. It looked very fun!