Friday, October 15, 2010

The Nine Emperors God Festival 2010

The beggar is begging for cash along the street.

"Paper money" is burnt for the dead.

Worshipers rush towards the statue of god.

Some people shows contribution by buying mantra

Praying and worshiping take place in the temple.

A crowed of worshipers getting chance to send their prayers.

Large burning joss sticks outside the temple.

A worker painted with ashes from joss sticks.

An elderly woman pays her visit and offering to the temple.

Joss sticks are used to send prayera to gods in heaven.

Burning joss sticks with provided candles.

A man with a weird tattoo on his back.

Worshipers waiting outside the temple.

Some abandoned joss sticks on the ground.


  1. good job peter! keep it up! a genuine photographer! (^_^)