Thursday, November 11, 2010

About This Blog

I purchased my first camera in year 2006 when I was 19 years old. It was Nikon compact camera Nikon Coolpix 7900. I brought it whenever I went and it never let me down. After three years of services, I decided to move on to Nikon DSLR due to heavy use. I bought my first DSLR, Nikon D60 on 12th December 2008 and it was the only camera I could afford due to tight budget. Since then, I began to discover and understand more about what photography was. The main reason I choose Nikon over other brand was Nikon never fail me in the most havoc situation. Till today, Nikon D60 is still working greatly with my various Nikkor lenses.

Images Through Nikon, is a blog I have created last year in May 2009. It is a blog to showcase my photo work and at the same time sharing experience with viewers around the world. Today, It has attracted more than 3,000 viewers around the world who at least visited my blog once.

The blog was designed in black with yellow header since they are the main colour of Nikon. The sub header " Camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera". This is a very meaningful quote for me. In simple word, camera helps to developed one's perspective of seeing and thinking. The dark black background is used since black means no light, but photos are outcome of light manipulation. Besides, dark bakground will easily draw viewers' attention to the subject in the photos.

Visitors counter at the right top corner is important to make my blog livelier. in other word my blog recognize and welcomes you. The world map and the flags counter tells me how far my blog has reached and expanded. Till today, I am not sure the exact number of regular visitors, who they are and where are they from :). Finally, I would like to thanks those who support me and my blog and hopefully this blog will last as long as forever. Thankyou and Have a Nice day.

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  1. A very good blog, I often come to see you ;))

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