Monday, November 8, 2010

Sibu, My Hometown.

Sibu central market and modern car park building.
Sibu modern wharf building and its reflection.

A big passenger boat was built to transport passengers across the sea.

Smaller passenger boats are operating along Rajang River.

The symbol Swan on the tower is an official icon of sibu. However many people believed that passenger boat is still the best icon for Sibu since Sibu has the most passenger boats in Malaysia.

Passenger boats positioned in line waiting for her customers respectively.

The boat travel from Sibu town to remote areas along the mighty Rajang River.

The cargo ship is cruising on the river with her two tall cranes.

Some people travel by long boat across the river.

The earliest / traditional passenger boat is working fine and still can be seen in Sibu.

The small boat and the giant cargo ship.

Water transport on the Rajang River.

A man with his bicycle on the port.

The earliest and the only pagoda in Sibu with more than 100 years.

A Malay woman passing by the colourful pagoda.

A burning coil joss stick.

A prayer is lightening up his joss sticks.

Sanyan building is believed to be the tallest tower in Sarawak.

The tall Sanyan Building standing firmly just like the cross.

A small and humble Sibu Town.

Tall and modern building is surrounded by traditional shop houses.

The Sibu Central Market is believed to be the largest market in Malaysia.

The colourful umbrella under harsh sunlight.

A visitor can find a chickens were wrapped nicely in newspapers to be sold.

Live chickens are preferred by locals.

The fish monger is selling different type of river stock.

A Malay woman with a big cat fish.

People are having breakfast after finish shopping at central market.

Drying the clothes.

The traffic condition along the busy street,


  1. You market shots are really cool.
    Enjoyed the series, wonderful photogenic places.
    Have a good day, my friend.

  2. Wonderful series ! i can see your great improvement in composition ! keep it up peter !

  3. Thanks Wong and t.p.tong. Thanks for your support.

  4. i think u miss a lot of epic picture such as vegetable and all kind of food that sell in that market, well, i know cause my mom doing business there. try look for some particular that only available in Sibu, or Sarawak when the season come. u will enjoy it endless..